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A leading Melbourne based Real Estate Agency

Real Diamond Property Consultants have affected well over $400 million in property transactions in the past 10 years with exceptional outcomes.


Dedicated to excellence in all aspects of project development, Real Diamond Property Consultants headed by George Tandos, ensure that every project undertaken achieves its maximum potential and delivers outstanding results. 


George Tandos has an extensive 30 year career in the real estate industry including a strong understanding of town planning and building construction. Real Diamond working closely with top industry professionals prides itself in achieving the ultimate outcome for their clients - total project success.


  • Associations with the best consultants in the development industry

  • A good eye for prime land and opportunities in the market

  • A thorough knowledge of Melbourne and its surrounds

  • A good sense of the market knowledge and timing

  • The upmost integrity

We believe success comes down to all these skills combined, a commitment and dedication, to “win – win” outcomes for its valued clients.


We enjoy long-term relationships with our valued national and international clients built on reliability, trust and the utmost integrity and discretion. We work closely and collectively with experienced industry professionals to achieve outstanding outcomes.


We maintain an enviable reputation and have proven techniques and capabilities obtaining difficult and challenging planning permits for residential and commercial developments with outstanding results.


We construct and implement development planning strategies through our extensive assessment process. The Real Diamond team assist our clients to maximise potential and optimise the value of each project. We believe in delivering exceptional outcomes for our valued clients, financial institutions, industry funds and private investors.

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